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First off lets say I know music........ In 1958, I was one of the founding members of the Deltones, a vocal group from the westside of Chicago and had a number of top 40 hits.

The Deltones Story

November 2005 I did an interview for a UK magazine 'Now Dig This'. The interview was published in the 2005 December issue and talked about how and where the 'Deltones' originated, our recordings, and performances from 1958 - 1963.

Since the group broke up, I've been doing lots of things..................... but I always come back to the music.

My music collection is HUGE! Playing music from the Past and Present.

If you or your friend's like singing, I have all the equiment and CD graphics to put on a great karaoke show.

I have a wide variety of music and the personality that will complement any party, gathering, or get-together you have.

So if your looking for ''GREAT MUSIC, GOOD ENTERTAINMENT and AFFORDABLE FUN call Sammy!

"We're more than just Music!".

E-mail or call (309) 692-3252 or 3669 for a FREE Brochure, Price List or FREE event consultation.

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